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British tourism professionals, on a discovery trip to Morocco, have invited their fellow citizens to visit the Kingdom, a country which has a multitude of assets and major tourist attractions, and where preventive health measures are scrupulously respected.

"To my clients, my friends and my family, I would say: Come and visit Morocco, a beautiful country with varied landscapes, such welcoming and generous people, charming cities, a very rich cultural scene and exquisite cuisine" , said Shara Smith, of the travel agency "Travel Counselors Ltd", part of a group of British tourism professionals, on a familiarization visit to Morocco, as part of an Eductour organized by the Office Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT).

“Once back in Britain, I have to observe a period of isolation. It doesn't bother me much… What is 14 days at home compared to the beauty of Morocco, its shining sun and the warmth of its people ?! ”, she continued in a statement to the MAP, in margin of a trip which allowed British travel agents to discover the splendor and magic of Marrakech, Essaouira as well as the Agafay desert (around the ocher city).

Regarding the health and preventive measures put in place to stem the spread of the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), Shara Smith stressed that these measures "are perfectly respected to feel safe", saying she is particularly "delighted" to see people wearing their protective masks inside and out.

“It's interesting how much we care about health security here. Disinfectants and protective masks are available everywhere we go and temperature measurements are taken every time we pass through a door, ”noted this professional from“ Travel Counselors Ltd ”, a travel agency with a strong presence in the United Kingdom. , Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Same story with Helen Youngman, of "360 Private Traveler", a travel agency specializing in luxury tourism, who said she was impressed by the beauty of the landscapes, the kindness of the Moroccans and the moving and so rich history of the Kingdom.

"I will recommend that British tourists visit Morocco, a country where generosity and hospitality are part of the DNA of its people," she continued, adding that "the welcome we have received here is very special and very warm ”.

“Morocco is the ideal destination for everyone: from solo travelers looking for adventure arriving to families… With a lot of beautiful things to offer: a centuries-old dining experience, a rich and varied cultural scene, and landscapes picturesque, ”said Helen Youngman, who said she was“ happy ”to make her first trip abroad since February.

She also highlighted the health and preventive measures put in place to curb the spread of the pandemic, saying that these measures "are taken and observed very seriously, but in a relaxed manner".

For her part, Sara Belehri, head of sales at Google-London, invited many British tourists to come and discover Morocco again "where everything is ready to welcome you and give you a unique experience" after months of closure of the shops. borders due to the pandemic, she said.

She said more than 66% of Britons plan to go on vacation, slightly above the European average (64%). "Morocco, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is known for its hospitality and its culture of sharing", she noted, adding that the destination Morocco "has all the assets to come back more strongly afterwards. the opening of borders. A reopening of the borders, which she hopes, will be operated soon ”.

Sara Belehri also said she was very moved by the health measures taken by the Moroccan authorities. "All health and preventive measures are extremely well respected everywhere," she said, adding that she feels "much safer in Morocco".

As part of the national tourism recovery plan, the familiarization trip (October 18-21) for travel agents (agency directors and decision-makers specializing in luxury travel) from the British market , put the creators of Moroccan experience in touch with British professionals, in order to update and deepen their knowledge of the Morocco destination and make them discover the new infrastructures put at the service of tourism.

This familiarization trip to Morocco, which benefited from the coverage of British media, also allowed travel agents to discover southern destinations and at the same time, reassure them about the health security protocol applied in Morocco from a in general, and within tourist infrastructures, both in Marrakech and in Essaouira, in particular.

The British market, second in terms of overnight stays in Morocco, is of strategic importance, especially since the English are frequent travelers and spend a lot. In fact, 66 million travel packages are sold each year in the UK.

According to figures from the Tourism Observatory, the number of British tourists has grown up and down over the years. It increased considerably, from 252.945 in 2009 to 504.475 at the end of 2015, with an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 12.19% over this period.

After a drop of 9% in 2016, the British market experienced a recovery with an increase in arrivals of 6% in 2017, or 486.262 tourists, representing 8.3% of total tourists in Morocco. With respective market shares of 55% and 35%, Marrakech and Agadir were the most popular destinations for British tourists in 2017, the same source indicates.