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Marrakech: a new carriage ride… by night

Marrakech: a new carriage ride… by night

After 2 daytime rides that met with superb success, the young people of “KECH'JEUNESSE” are organizing a Horse-drawn Carriage ride by night, Friday 23 October at 19 pm.

The objectives of this 3rd outing remain the same: to redraw a smile on the ocher walls of our city and the faces of Marrakchis by birth or adoption, allow the coachmen to reconnect with their ancestral tradition and offer a moment of shared pleasure to all those and all those who are eager to rediscover the Marrakech of joy, sun and a friendly and warm atmosphere.

This ride of the “Calèches de Kech'Jeunesse” has plenty of surprises in store for you, prepared with enthusiasm by young natives of Marrakech, in love with their city and eager to act for, through and with their city.

PS: the organizers would like to thank, via, Mr. Wali and his team, as well as the police, who support Kech'Jeunesse and strongly contribute to the success of this great initiative ...