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Family : precious moments

The city of Marrakech is a welcoming, vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers a large number of activities and leisure activities for the whole family. The ocher city has many advantages such as a mild temperature throughout the year, with heat peaks in summer and an often mild and dry winter. To tell the truth, to discover Marrakech with your family is to immerse yourself in a world full of colors, sounds and smells ... a destination so close, which offers a great sensory journey! A small panorama of leisure activities is essential for your next vacation.

Here is our evolving post which contains some good addresses to discover Marrakech while having fun with your children:

Jemaa El Fna Square

Impossible to miss the Jemaa el Fna square, perhaps the most famous in the Maghreb, it is the heart of Marrakech! Quiet during the day, the square comes alive at the end of the afternoon, the ideal moment for a visit with the children. We meet a colorful and noisy group of musicians, water carriers, monkey trainers, and above all, snake charmers. It is advisable to return there in the evening, for a completely different atmosphere.

Get a henna tattoo

Also in Jamaa El Fna, you can please your child for less than 2 euros with a nice henna tattoo, for girl or boy, a small original souvenir to bring back from Marrakech! You can choose the motif from a small photo album. It is especially recommended to require a fresh red “henna” (while pronouncing the H) and which does not “sting”. Then, admire your child's smile and the stars in his eyes.

Place Des Epices (Rahba Qedima)

Chameleons, turtles, spices, herbs, carpet merchants. They will be able to take full eyes, and believe themselves in a tale of 1001 nights.

Admire the sunset on the KOUTOUBIA

The large mosque located behind Jemaa El Fna square. To get the best view, you can sit on the terrace of the Café de France, on the 2nd floor, and savor: mint tea, the spectacle of the traveling restaurateurs who set up in the square.

A carriage ride

A must in Marrakech: go around the ramparts of the medina of Marrakech, a nice family outing. Children will be more than happy to take this carriage ride. They can also be taken to go to the Majorelle garden or to the Menara.

Take a camel ride

Ride the ancestral mount of the inhabitants of the desert through the splendors of the palm grove of Marrakech! Relax excursion on the edge of the ocher city through the vast palm grove. Cross wadis and villages, Excursion, open to families with children.

The Majorelle Garden

Famous for its particular blue (and for having belonged to Yves Saint Laurent), the villa is surrounded by a splendid botanical garden, with plants from all over the world: cacti, bamboos, water lilies, jasmines…. Not to be missed !

Menara basin

La Menara is a very popular place and for good reason: A pond, an olive grove, palm trees ... Take a walk at the end of the day, go and give bread to the huge hungry carp in the pond. Guaranteed show!

Relax by the pool or be full of sensations

Do you fall in love after three hours in the souks of Marrrakech with your family? It's time to dive into a swimming pool or you are looking for an amusement park for children, young and old!

Here are some good addresses

Where to go to Marrakech with your family?