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Marrakech Health and Wellness

To relax

During a stay in Marrakech, the desire for a relaxing break is urgent after multiple excursions and escapades in town and elsewhere. Push the doors of Spa and traditional hammam in the city of Marrakech… and enjoy a moment of relaxation, relaxation and massage. Live the experience fully. Soft lights subtle aromas and relaxing music, rediscover the alliance of well-being under the magic hands of experts with essential oils of rose, mandarin or even orange blossom. A pure line, rich and varied, is specially designed to satisfy different budgets. Treat yourself to a unique journey that will succumb to the charm of this haven of peace and serenity in the heart of Marrakech.


The Spas in Marrakech are unique for their decoration combining traditional and modernism, as well as for the professionalism and know-how of its team and which provides you with adequate care for your desires and desires. Alone, as a couple or with friends, the spa will be more suitable. A high quality service and spreads out starting from care with mineral salts, massage with essential oils with exfoliation ... Establishments whose design is a sublime blend of elegance and prestige, originating from the contemporary Moroccan style. Such a treat and a pleasure worthy of remedies of the spirit!


Do you want to take a step back and access a universe of voluptuousness, a treat through gentle ablutions? The Moorish baths or Hammams opens the doors to an escape to happiness associated with a refined and discreet delicacy. Hammams are public baths where, since time immemorial, people have come here mainly to wash, but also to relax and chat. Present in each district of Marrakech, you will inevitably see the entrance to a hammam during your wanderings in the city.
Hammams are dedicated to men and other women, but it also happens that the same place welcomes women and men depending on the opening hours.
Your hotel or Riad may offer you the opportunity to experience this rite, but if this is not the case, join the local population in one of the many traditional hammams scattered around. To benefit from the benefits of these hot baths, take black soap, horsehair glove and ghassoul, a traditional shampoo based on clay.
You will soon find an establishment of your convenience anywhere in the city. It's up to you to choose between a luxury institute or a traditional hammam, where you will indulge after a hammam in a full body scrub, then in a beneficial massage practiced by experienced hands. You will probably not be able to do without it!