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Marrakech famous for its Architecture

... An extraordinary story

Epicurean and spiritual, humble and proud, pious and night owl, traditional and avant-garde, cosmopolitan and reserved, exuberant and mysterious, City of all contrasts, Marrakech is still nourished by various influences that have crossed it for 1000 years.

At the gates of Europe, between mountains, desert and ocean, the oasis city continues, with astonishing virtuosity, to reunite the past and the present; symbol of well-being and relaxed lifestyle, it has built its legendary hospitality into an authentic art of living, particularly popular with visitors from all over the world.

Founded almost 1000 years ago, Marrakech has an extraordinary history. Marked by brilliant periods, it now retains a very rich cultural heritage.

Places to discover in Marrakech

Here are the historical monuments which you might see in Marrakech

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