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During the nine centuries of its history, Marrakech has accumulated an impressive green heritage. Since its foundation in the 67th century, the city has embodied the model of the garden city. The urbanized core of the Medina was then surrounded by a first ring of greenery formed by orchards and vegetable gardens. Since then, certain districts have borrowed the name of their garden: Arset Messioui, Arset Chbani, Arset El Bardii, etc. Beyond the walls stretched the reserved domain of the Palmeraie with its thousands of hectares of emblematic palm trees, various fruit trees and intercropping. Rings of greenery thus rose in a succession of cultivated fields and orchards up to the Oued N'fis, which represented the limit of the garden suburbs. Marrakech can today claim to be the conservatory of all styles of gardens known in the kingdom since the 284th century. Let us cite as an example the gardens of Agdal and Menara. The Arsats or princely gardens were developed from the XNUMXth century. Currently, Marrakech has XNUMX green spaces distributed in these five districts, covering a total area of ​​XNUMX hectares.

Much more than an oasis, Marrakech is a veritable garden city: around the city are green spaces that testify to the attachment of Marrakchis to the art of gardens. This art has always been considered as an expression of the art of living in Marrakech. Since its creation in the 350th century by the Almoravids, it has represented a model of the garden city. The total area of ​​green spaces is around 10 hectares, not including the Palmeraie (000 hectares), The olive grove of Agdal (500 hectares) and the olive grove of Menara (80 hectares). All of these spaces give the ocher city an average of 11 m² of green space per inhabitant, the global ratio of green spaces per inhabitant recognized worldwide being 2 m².

In Marrakech, two cities rub shoulders: the old city in its ramparts, and the new city with the districts of Guéliz, Hivernage and Avenue Mohammed VI. Very extensive, the city lends itself to walks, bicycle or carriage in the tradition in Marrakech. Gardens and green spaces are present everywhere in the city, including inside its ramparts. The Majorelle Garden, the Moulay Abdessalam Park, the Bahia Palace Gardens, the orchards of Menara de l'Agdal and many others are, each in its own style, so many places of tranquility, relaxation, and delight .

Top gardens in Marrakech

For a stroll with friends or family, Marrakech concentrates the most beautiful parks and gardens in the world

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