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master Gims

Established in Marrakech for 5 years, Maître Gims, yet very discreet, does not hesitate to show certain facets of his life in Morocco. During the television show Sept à Huit, for example, the interpreter of Bella opens the doors of her luxurious villa, introduces her little family and confides in her daily life in the ocher city.

The artist with millions of albums sold, first of all wishes to recall a strong message that he shared during his concert in Jamaa El Fna where 100.000 people gathered: a message of peace and hope, where Master Gims, reconverted to Islam for several years, completely dissociates himself from his barbaric acts committed in “the name of religion”!

It is in his luxurious villa Marrakchi called "DemDem" that we discover a relaxed and serene Master Gims surrounded by his six children and his wife DemDem. In his universe, Dadju's brother talks about his other passion: drawing. Indeed, during his childhood, the singer saw himself as a manga designer. A dream he touched closely last year by publishing his first manga, Devil's Relics.

From now on far from the hardships experienced during his childhood, Maître Gims is today one of the most popular French-speaking rappers of his generation, and it is in Marrakech that he takes full advantage of it! Between bowling games, tourism and luxury trips, Maître Gims leads the good life in Morocco.

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