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Winston Churchill

His tenacity in the face of Nazism, his decisive action as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War, together with his talents as a speaker, made Winston Churchill one of the most recognized politicians of the XNUMXth century. Not having a personal fortune, he derives most of his income from writing and painting.

He discovered Morocco in 1935 and painted it instantly; "Sunset over the Atlas Mountains" for example has been produced the same year since Mamounia which he described as "the most beautiful sight in the whole world". Between impressionism and expressionism, Winston Churchill let his brush go according to his inspirations.

The colors are exceptional and the style very particular. Used to gardens English, it is with amazement that he discovers the Moroccan palm grove, its clear sky and its unique light; he will never cease to magnify her each time he visited her.

He returned to Marrakech a few years after World War II. In 1948 he also produced "The Mosque of Marrakech", and other works telling the story of Morocco at that time.

During the Second World War, he painted only one painting, in Morocco, " The Minaret of Koutoubia (1943), which he later offered to US President Franklin Roosevelt. The painting is now estimated at around 3 million dollars.

He even convinces Pasha El Glaoui to let his son Hassan cultivate his passion for painting, thus participating in the success of one of the major figures of the Moroccan artistic scene.

The famous "Churchill Bar" of La Mamounia, whose doors are still open to you to this day, was created in his homage.

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