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The gates of Marrakech

The gates of Marrakech

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Formerly allowing entry into the medina, the 10 gates piercing the wall, named in Arabic Bab, are often impressive. Some of them will be a source of inspiration for the other cities of the kingdom.

Bab Agnaou: door of the "ram without horns", named after having lost the two towers that composed it. It was built in stone Gueliz, a gray blue, now become rather red by the action of the winds bringing the desert sand. It is the main entrance to the Kasbah.

Bab Er-Robb: ocher-red, this door called "grape juice" served as a control at the entrance of alcoholic beverages.

Bab El Khemis: giving access to the souk of the same name (meaning Thursday due to market day of the time). The structure of this door seems to come from Andalusia.

Bab Aylen: it bears the name of a Berber people and is very recognizable by its angled aspect, it was built by the Almoravids.

Bab El Jdid: it is the busiest door in the medina. It is located between the famous palace of Mamounia and the district of Hivernage.

Bab Doukkala: impressive door, leaning against two square towers near the bus station, giving access to the north of the medina.

Bab Debbagh: Giving access to the tannery district, this door is formed of five rounded elbows and dates from the Almoravid period.

The gates of the medina

  • Bab Agnaou
  • Bab El Jdid
  • Bab Aghmat (Ghemat)
  • Bab er Robb (Ar-Rubb)
  • Bab Hmar
  • Bab El Makhzen or Bab Ksiba
  • Bab Ed-Debbagh
  • Bab Aylan
  • Bab Ighli
  • Bab Sidi Ghrib
  • Bab Doukkala
  • Bab Kechiche
  • Bab Elkhemis
  • Bab Larissa (Raha or Rkha)
  • Bab Taghzout
  • Bab Nkob



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