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Press release: The Marrakech-Safi Region makes its com '

Press release: The Marrakech-Safi Region makes its com '

Under the impetus of the National Tourist Office (ONMT), the Regional Council of Tourism (CRT) Marrakech-Safi
is preparing to launch a major digital promotion campaign.

Objective: To boost tourism in the region but also to send a positive signal for international tourism
by putting the spotlight on this region, the Kingdom's leading tourist destination.

Now is the time to revive the tourism sector in the Marrakech-Safi region! Tourism stakeholders in the region
from Marrakech, Essaouira, Safi and the province of Al Haouz (Ourika, Ouirgane, Imlil, Toubkal ...) are in a hurry:
welcome national and international visitors and introduce them to new experiences. To do this, they
offer attractive offers of up to -50% and highlight the fact that the health protocols in place
by the Ministry of Tourism and local authorities are scrupulously respected. To support this strategy, a
major promotion campaign will be launched by CRT Marrakech-Safi, in partnership with ONMT.

A campaign in tune with the times:

Inspired by telephone conversations between friends or between members of a family, the message is intended to be direct,
clear, efficient… An invitation to travel: “I'm in Marrakech, are you coming? "," I am in Essaouira, are you coming? ", " I
am in Safi, are you coming? "," I'm in Al Haouz, are you coming? ". Beyond mature destinations known internationally,
emerging “pearls” will be highlighted, such as “I am in Agafay, are you coming? »,« I am at Lalla Fatna, you
come ? »,« I am in Sidi Kaouki, are you coming? »,« I am in Youssoufia, are you coming? »,« I am in Ouirgane, are you coming? ",
"I am in El Kelâa des Sraghna, are you coming? »,« I am in Chichaoua, are you coming? "," I am in Rhamna, are you coming? ".

Running from the end of September to the end of December 2020, this campaign will be deployed mainly on digital and
will use the video to attract, convince and encourage national and international travelers to come (re) discover this region in all its diversity. Who can find all the attractive offers from establishments in the region via the site

Digital, as a privileged channel!

Digital is favored at 53% of the overall campaign budget (41% for online advertising, and 12% for media
press online). A commitment to reach the millions of Moroccan and international social users active in
social media. Radio and display will also be used in order to cover all communication channels and reach a wider local target.

Video, as a major asset!

The CRT Marrakech-Safi teams collaborated with local talents to create 32 videos covering the
region as a whole and each territory with its signature activities. Each of the videos invites you to travel,
road trip more particularly, with maps and geolocation pins "Ntla9aw". A nod to the
National campaign of the ONMT whose signature is "Ntlaqawfbladna".
With this campaign, the CRT Marrakech-Safi is playing its role of promotional lever at the service of operators of the
Marrakech-Safi region.

Check out the video and share it using
@visitmarrakechregion #visitmarrakechregion # ntla9awfbladna