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privacy policy

1. Our information

We will ensure the accuracy of all the information on our Website on a regular and systematic basis.
If you also raise any error on our Website, please inform us so that we can verify this data and if necessary correct it as soon as possible; It is your responsibility to verify the veracity of any information before relying on it.
We make no representation as to the accuracy, updating or completeness of the information and we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by the inaccuracy of any of it. Errors are inevitable on websites which, like this one, contain a large amount of data, in particular dates and times of events which may change or be canceled. As a precaution, we advise you to check the information concerning the events in particular with the organizers directly before making your arrangements.

2. Our responsibility

The information on this Website is free; and although all precautions are taken, we assume no responsibility for certain data provided.
We cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential loss of these press releases. This also applies to any loss of profit, income or customers resulting from your use of the Website or the information appearing there. All conditions provided by law are excluded, with the exception of certain cases which cannot be excluded under Moroccan law. Our responsibility will therefore be engaged in the event of death or personal injury due to negligence on our part or in the event of fraudulent statements.

We act as distributor (and not publisher) of content provided by third parties and users of the Website. The opinions, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content contained therein or made available by third parties, including information providers or users, belong to the authors or distributors and not to us. We do not necessarily endorse the opinions, advice or statements appearing on the Website. We are also not responsible for their accuracy or reliability.

3. Exclusion from the Website

We reserve the right to exclude, at our sole discretion, certain users of the Site permanently or temporarily if this seems appropriate to us. The user in question will be notified and in no case should try to use the Website under another name or through another user.

4. Competent jurisdiction and dispute resolution

These general conditions will be subject to Moroccan law, regardless of the jurisdiction of your place of residence. You irrevocably accept that the courts of Morocco are the only competent to resolve any conflict which could arise, result from or relate to these general conditions and for these purposes, you irrevocably submit any conflict to the jurisdiction of the Moroccan courts. Disputes will be settled exclusively in Morocco.

5. General information

Any formal legal notice must be sent to us by e-mail and then confirmed by post, to the address given at the end of this document.
Any failure on our part to enforce a right does not constitute waiver of said right.
You will not assign or transfer your rights under this Agreement.

6. Contact & information

Marrakech Regional Tourism Council (CRT)
Tel: 0524 385261 - Fax: 0524 385249
Address: Rue Cadi Ayad, N ° 42, appt 4 Guéliz - Marrakech