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When to come?

The best season to visit Marrakech?

In winter, the mornings are cool. At noon, temperatures easily reach 20/25 ° C but decline quite quickly at the end of the afternoon. The thermal difference between day and night is important.

In summer, the temperature is reasonable early in the morning and in the evening. But during the day, it is not uncommon for the mercury to reach 45 ° C and above. The afternoons are often scorching. Opt for outings in the shade by strolling through the covered souks of the Medina. The narrow streets and the architecture of the riads were designed to protect their occupants from the hot weather. The Riad Dar One Basin will allow you to refresh yourself.

In summary, Marrakech is known worldwide for its exceptional climate: 340 days of sunshine per year! The T-shirt is therefore de rigueur all year round at lunchtime and it is always possible, whatever the date you choose for your stay, to enjoy the sun and tan in a swimsuit. However, you will need to shelter from the heat of summer and cover yourself up to face the cool winter evenings.

Tourist seasons

Besides the climate, the tourist seasons can be an important factor to consider when choosing your travel period.

Now that you know everything about the seasons of Marrakech, all you have to do is pack your suitcase, not forgetting your woolen cloth for the cooler evenings!